Partners of project Together for a better VET!

Each partner was selected due to its unique experience in VET sector. Below you can find more information about each organisation.

Zespol Szkol Ponadpodstawowych in Bystrzyca Klodzka

Lider projektu – Polska

Zespół Szkół Ponadpodstawowych w Bystrzycy Kłodzkiej (ZSP) is the only institution in the area of ​​the communes of Bystrzyca Kłodzka, Międzylesie, and Lądek Zdrój, enabling students to gain a future-oriented profession. The school boasts over 50 years of tradition vocational education, in particular economics and IT. The team includes a technical school, a first-degree industry school and a post-secondary school. The technical school offers 4-year education for junior high school graduates and 5-year education for primary school graduates in the following professions: IT technician, trader and forester. The dominant professions in the Industry School are: car mechanic, cook, fitter of construction and finishing works in construction, hairdresser, baker, locksmith, electrician.

Teaching staff

They all have the required qualifications, are experienced and committed educators. We have a well-prepared teaching staff that allows you to acquire various specializations in the field of professional subjects - especially economics, trade and IT. We are currently an examination center for the following professions: IT technician, trader technician, accounting technician, economist technician. Many teachers have the status of examiners granted by the Okręgową Komisje Egzaminacyjną we Wrocławiu. The staff of the Zespołu Szkół Ponadpodstawowych w Bystrzycy Kłodzkiej is well prepared for work, and its education and

experience results in pedagogical successes. The school staff consists of a team of teachers with an innovative attitude towards the adopted development assumptions and willing to improve their professional qualifications. The implementation of modern teaching methods enabling students to independently navigate the labor market and the ability to solve problems are the most important goals in striving to improve the quality of school work.

Elektroniczne Zakłady Naukowe

Polish partner

Elektroniczne Zakłady Naukowe in Wrocław (EZN) is a secondary school, the main core of which is the Technikum nr 10. We are the oldest school in Wrocław educating electronics and computer scientists. In addition, we also educate electronics and automation technicians, mechatronics. It has over 800 students aged 14-19. The school employs 105 teaching staff and administration and service staff, of which 74 full-time teaching staff and 14 administration and service staff. The EZN staff consists of a team of educators with extensive experience and high qualifications. Most of them are appointed and certified teachers who are qualified as examiners in their fields. To ensure the proper quality of education, we analyze and adapt the teaching content, modify curricula, and conduct apprenticeships in cooperation with Wrocław-based companies. We provide vocational education based on our own didactic base and the Vocational Training Center. We have seven computer and two electronic laboratories. As part of the Local Academy of the CISCO Network, which operates at the school, we conduct preparation courses for the CCNA certificate exams.

We are also popular due to the friendly atmosphere, attractiveness of school life, a wide range of extracurricular activities and the safety of students.

The strong point of the school is the high EWD rate in terms of passing the matura exams, the school has the status of the "Golden School" in the ranking of the PERSPEKTYWY weekly.

Students achieve significant student successes in competitions and subject olympiads. The extra-curricular activities organized at the school take into account the individualisation of work with the student, the development of passions and interests in many areas. school cooperates with universities, institutions supporting teaching and educational activities of the facility and employers. Teachers have experience in implementing educational projects, also co-financed from EU funds. Teachers cooperate with the District

Examination Board, both in the field of matriculation and vocational exams.

The school's motto is: "We can combine tradition with modernity".


Italian partner

IFOM (Institute for Training, Employment and Learning Mobility) is a Vocational Education and Training (VET) centre that strongly believes in and supports work-based learning, mobile learning, apprenticeships and vocational trainings schemes both at local and European level.

We aim to foster quality improvements and excellence in education and training while strengthening employability, focusing especially on those that have less chance to find a job. We use training and mobility as tools to foster employability and reduce the skill gap between education and labour market.

IFOM is active both at regional and at international level where it cooperates with like-minded organizations to foster youth employability and to improve the quality of education and training through developing innovative learning paths and methods and through implementing learning mobility schemes. IFOM especially cooperates with the non-profit organization YouNet with which it develops learning mobility projects in the framework of European programmes such as Erasmus+ and the European Social Fund.

​IFOM establishes apprenticeships and traineeships schemes focusing especially on young people not in education, employment or training (NEET) and vocational students. We organise high-quality and tailored ​work experiences for its students, for the students of fellow Italian and European institutions and for NEETs.IFOM supports the European Alliance for Apprenticeships in its mission to promote apprenticeship schemes and initiatives across Europe.


Partner from the Canary Islands

Sun Dreams Global SL to organizacja zrodzona dzięki sumie umiejętności i doświadczeń zdobytych w ciągu ostatnich 3 lat w zakresie aplikacji, zarządzania i realizacji europejskich projektów w dziedzinie edukacji. Siedziba organizacji znajduje się Wyspach Kanaryjskich, z siedzibą na Fuerteventurze, Hiszpania.

The main activity of the organization is the management and coordination of mobility in Europe; organizing apprenticeships in line with the expectations of schools and students; providing high-quality companies that can offer experience at a level appropriate to the requirements of the curricula, offering the services necessary for the organization and development of professional mobility with excellent results;

The mission at SUN DREAMS GLOBAL is to help young people on job mobility experience their personal and professional experience to meet the real challenges of working life, where the value of recruiting quickly changes from content to skills such as adaptation to change, teamwork, self-management and leadership, financial and personal self-control or the possibility of self-development.

SUN DREAMS GLOBAL offers professional apprenticeships in many industries, including among others: tourism and hostelry, logistics, IT, administration, marketing and communication, healthcare, etc.


Spanish partner

Asociación Mundus is a non-profit organization that was set up in 2013 and has headquarters in Zaragoza and Santa Coloma de Gramenet (Barcelona). The mission is to promote education, volunteering, intercultural and long-life learning from a non-formal education approach, so as to foster a more inclusive, diverse and conscious society.

Its main task is to manage international mobility projects for learning purposes – work internships, volunteering, youth exchanges, training courses and strategic projects- for youngsters and professionals.

Asociación Mundus has implementad several projects in the frame of Erasmus+, European Social Fund, Europe for Citizens and PON, among others. Thus, the association has a wide experience coordinating and implementing projects of active citizenship and youth empowerment, mobility projects (EVS/CES, youth exchanges, youth workers mobilities, KA2…), as well as Erasmus+ VET projects (both as hosting and as sending organization).