Final conference


On September 14, 2022, at the Secondary School Complex in Bystrzyca Kłodzka, we had the opportunity to meet for the last time to present the conclusions and results of the project "Together for a better VET!"

Results of the project "Together for a better VET!"


Project results are already avaible to download on the site:

Wroclaw meeting - testing training for tutors

JUNE 2022

On June 27, 2022, a meeting was organized at Elektroniczne Zaklady Naukowe in Wroclaw, which aimed to test the training for tutors.

Training for tutors is one of the results of the project "Together for a better VET!". This is a preparatory course for teachers working as tutors during student vocational mobilities in the VET sector. The training was planned to be created only in the English version, but for the purpose of testing it, the entire presentation was translated into Polish. The training covers topics such as: the role of the tutor and his duties, the most important actors in the project, required documentation, travel and procedures at the airport, first aid, group integration, organizing free time, problem solving, conflict resolution and the basics of mediation, monitoring and evaluation, tasks tutor after the end of the mobility.

Thank you to all the teachers who participated in this training. Finally, we conducted an evaluation - the feedback collected from the participants will allow us to improve the final version of the training.

Fuerteventura meeting (Canary Islands, Spain)

APRIL 2022

From 8 to 12 April we participated in the fourth training in a row, this time in Fuerteventura (Canary Islands) organized by Sundreams Global. The training was attended by partners from Poland: ZSP in Bystrzyca Kłodzka and EZN, from Italy: IFOM (Institute for Training, Employment and Learning Mobility) and from Spain: Sundreams Global and Asociación Mundus.

In addition, in order to gather useful information for content development, participants visited IES Corralejo and various companies hosting VET students in the Canary Islands, such as uerteventura Start Ups, Fuerte Charter and Cofete Coworking.

We worked intensively on one of the results of the project, which is Training for Tutors. At the next meeting, we plan to test them, so it was the perfect time to refine some elements, such as the graphic design of the training.

Wroclaw meeting (Poland)

MARCH 2022

From March 9 to 11, another LTTA (activities related to learning, teaching and training) was held in Wrocław as part of the KA2 project "Together for a better VET!". The host of the meeting was the partner in the project, Elektroniczne Zakłady Naukowe.

As part of the meeting, we had the opportunity to talk to EZN employees who have experience in traveling abroad as a tutor (group leader). Representatives from the Team of Schools of Logistics and Aviation Research Institutes were also invited, who told us about how the tutor is prepared in their institutions, what elements of the training they consider important. We were also supposed to talk to students who took part in international work placements under the Erasmus+ program - their perspective on the work of a group tutor brought many interesting conclusions, especially regarding the tutor-participant relationship. In turn, meetings at the Vocational Training Center and the A&D-Centrum Serwisowe company allowed us to collect further good practices to create the Guide.

The key element was the training block on the basics of mediation - this is one of the topics that we will want to include in the prepared project results.

Bologna meeting (Italy)


Last week, from November 25 to 29, 2021, representatives of five partner organizations visited Italy as part of the "Together for a better VET!" project. In Bologna (Italy), partners from Spain, Italy and Poland met for a 1-day international partner meeting and a 3-day LTTA (Learning, Teaching and Training Activities) training.

All project partners met in person, invited by our partner organization IFOM in Bologna.

During this meeting, various topics were discussed, mainly related to the role of a tutor who supervises a group of students leaving for work placements abroad and what skills a tutor must have in order to do his job well. We also discussed: the pre-mobility training process, good practices, teamwork, soft skills, as well as available training tools such as,, Google Workspace and ways to make training more attractive.

Saragossa meeting (Spain)


From 26 to 28 October, the LTTA (Learning, Teaching and Training Activities) of the KA2 project "Together for a better VET!" took place at the headquarters of the Mundus Association in Zaragoza. During the training, the accompanying teachers and internship supervisors talked about their experiences related to international internships abroad carried out under the Erasmus+ program. This allowed us to collect many good practices. This valuable input will form part of the guide that will be used to train tutors (accompanying persons) who will travel with students doing their internships abroad.

During the LTTA, two companies that have experience in hosting Erasmus students were also visited: Colortech (printing services) and Aida Gastro (restaurant). In addition, the group met two educational centers (Colegio La Purísima and IES Tubalcain) and Alberto Vela, a vocational training technician from the Asociación Mundus.

Kick-off meeting

APRIL 2021

The first meeting organized as part of the Together for a better VET project is behind us! The meeting was conducted online and was primarily organizational in nature - we discussed the project goals together, the results to be developed and planned the dates of training activities (LTTA).

We have also started the first work on the guide to define its key points and work schedule.